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What Can We Do For You?

Help bring that extra quality, calmness and assured delivery to your show. Whether it be a conference or a rock & roll show let us help you get your message or music across by providing the very best sound quality available. 

In short, let us let you be heard, as you intended. 

Our Services: Services

Front of House Engineer

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Monitor Engineer

_db_audiotechnik bloody love these, it's like there is no PA only sound #dandb #y #y10p_edited.jpg

Sound Technician

Let your band have that extra confidence,  with a vast experience  of mixing shows from 100-5000 people, from quiet folk clubs to huge festival stages.

Give yourself optimum comfort on stage through your show, experience of mixing on-floor monitors and IEMs to give you whatever atmosphere you are looking for onstage

Diverse experience working on live shows as a sound technician, sound system design and implementation, sound system time alignment, sound system control, radio device managing and technical specification writing.

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